Facilities commissioning is a complex and time-consuming process with much potential for inefficiency, error and underutilization.
New commissioning mandates for accuracy, efficiency and quality of record-keeping add new challenges.


Project Manager

Facility Managers overseeing commissioning process have long struggled with the ability to control exactly what’s going on outside their immediate purview, while taking responsibility for everything that does or doesn’t happen.



Whether a school, hospital or corporate offices, owners and administrators are dealing with new, increasing and costly demands for infrastructure improvement, increased capacity and LEED compliance, requiring better planning and oversight.


Features at a glance


21st century features for sustainable 21st century facilities

With Facility Grid’s cloud-based platform, commissioning agents, facilities managers, architects, contractors, maintenance personnel, and corporate administrators can actually see and operate in the same loop. This transparency opens the door to major short and long-term efficiencies in all phases of the facilities management process.

  • Real-time collaboration
  • BIM standardization
  • Issues-based architecture
  • Information sustainability
  • Diagnostic and analytic capacity