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Facility Grid defines the future of commissioning software by increasing the efficiency of commissioning agents, by streamlining commissioning projects and record keeping, by enabling project managers to see the big and small pictures in real time, across all projects, and by providing owners with a database of building information to benefit from today and in the future.



Facilities commissioning is a complex and time-consuming process with much potential for inefficiency, error and underutilization. New commissioning mandates for accuracy, efficiency and quality of record-keeping add new challenges.


Project Manager

Facility Managers overseeing commissioning process have long struggled with the ability to control exactly what’s going on outside their immediate purview, while taking responsibility for everything that does or doesn’t happen.



Whether a school, hospital or corporate offices, owners and administrators are dealing with new, increasing and costly demands for infrastructure improvement, increased capacity and LEED compliance, requiring better planning and oversight.

Customer Success: Interface Engineering

Like many Cx firms, Interface Engineering is always looking for gains in efficiency: energy efficiency for their clients and process efficiency for their own business. They needed a better way to get information into contractors’ hands and to get information back to their team and clients, something faster and more accountable than a binder sent back and forth every couple of weeks. READ MORE

State of Cx Software

Facility Grid, in partnership with the BCxA, fielded a survey to hundreds of Cx professionals, with questions about their views on the industry and their use of software. READ THE REPORT

Cloud-Based Cx SoftwareCloud-Based Cx Software

Cloud-Based Cx SoftwareRead what our clients have to say

Cost Effectiveness

“Prior to selecting Facilty Grid, we piloted a number of different Cx software options. Our key criteria were software stability, ease of use, customization, cost effectiveness and responsive customer support. Faciity Grid was the clear choice for us.”

Group 14 EngineeringMatt Cooper
PE, CCP, CxA, LEED AP, Principal / Commissioning Team Leader

Maximizing Efficiency

“While commissioning one of the largest corporate campuses in the US, our team captured a massive amount of functional performance testing data, which we uploaded into Facility Grid. This information was then easily accessible, maximizing efficiency in generating Cx Reports for a multiple building complex.”


Jonathan Vaughan
CCP, CEM, LEEDAP, Commissioning Director

Complete Information Access

“With Facility Grid, everybody’s looking at the same information all the time because it’s updated in the cloud. We have complete access to information without going back to the job site trailer. There is absolutely no way we could manage all these projects without Facility Grid.”

Support Services of Alaska

Lee Holmes

Vision of Innovation

“We value partners who share our vision of innovation and responsiveness to client needs, and we’re looking forward to working with Facility Grid to streamline our commissioning workflow in 2017.”

Interface Engineering

Nick Marcyan
CxA, CCP, Associate/Senior Cx Authority

Excellent Cx Plaform

“I’m very impressed with Facility Grid. It’s an excellent commissioning software platform, and the Facility Grid team is very responsive.”


Randall Lamb Associates

Butch Beach

21<sup>st</sup> century features for sustainable facilities21st Century Features for Sustainable Facility Commissioning

With Facility Grid’s cloud-based commissioning software platform, Cx agents, facilities managers, architects, contractors, maintenance personnel, and corporate administrators can actually see and operate in the same loop. This transparency opens the door to major short and long-term efficiencies in all phases of the facilities management process.

  • Real-time collaboration
  • BIM standardization
  • Issues-based architecture
  • Information sustainability
  • Diagnostic and analytic capacity

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