5 Steps to Improving Job Site Productivity


Labor Efficiency: A Game-Changer in Construction

We recently held a webinar “Five Steps to Increase Job Site Productivity,” which explored how you can improve efficiency and productivity on the job site. The reality is that despite advancements in construction technology, the installation of building systems and equipment remains labor intensive and on the critical path for successful project completion. With the industry  losing $30 billion to $40 billion annually due to labor inefficiencies, you can’t afford to not pay attention to it.

Productivity Challenges Impact Projects

Common productivity issues like slow technology adoption, poor documentation management, and communication challenges persistently undermine labor efficiency. These issues lead to delays, errors, and wasted resources, with the industry spending around $31 billion on rework due to miscommunication and inaccurate data.

Five Steps to Increase Job Site Productivity

To address these challenges, here are five actionable steps to boost productivity on job sites:

  1. Digitize the Processes: Equip teams with real-time information on mobile devices for efficient on-site work.
  2. Know Before You Go: Understand completed and pending tasks to avoid wasted visits and costs.
  3. Maximize Onsite Productivity: Automate quality assurance and commissioning processes to reduce labor time and costs.
  4. Communicate Progress: Enhance coordination with real-time updates across teams and to management.
  5. Accelerate Turnover: Streamline the turnover process for quick access to all documentation and equipment information at project completion.

By addressing productivity challenges with purpose-built solutions, the construction industry can significantly reduce labor waste, improve project performance, and enhance profitability. Implementing these five steps can pave the way for a more efficient and profitable future in construction.