Energy Audits & EBCx: The Impact and Opportunity of the Drive to Energy Efficiency


Energy efficiency is becoming one of the highest priorities in building construction and building operations. The International Energy Agency (IEA) notes buildings and building construction accounts for 30% of total global final energy consumption and 27% of total energy sector emissions(1). In the United States, the Building Technologies Office (BTO) estimates 75% of buildings will be new or renovated by 2035(2). These data points highlight the importance of focusing on energy efficiency in building now.

Across the United States, cities and states are establishing regulations and codes for building with energy and sustainability front and center. And, many companies are embracing the focus on sustainability as they undertake new projects as well as renovations. They understand that improving the efficiency of building systems will reduce the consumption of energy resources and offers both business and environmental benefits.

As a result, there is a substantial uptick in energy audits and existing building commissioning (EBCx) to help establish and maintain LEED certification to demonstrate compliance with government mandates, identify operational issues and opportunities for operational improvement, and to reduce costs and create better working environments for employees. At Facility Grid, we understand the importance of energy audits and EBCx processes and are leading the way by enhancing our software to help successfully manage these projects.

How are we doing this?

We help auditors and Cx providers scale and manage their processes by allowing users to maintain all the relevant data in one place and communicate it easily to team members. We understand the workflows and unique requirements of energy audits and EBCx projects and designed our software with those requirements in mind. For example, the ability to track the lifecycle of measures from initial observations through to implementation, capturing key information and generating ROI calculations for analysis and decision making. Intuitive dashboards show all the relevant information and help participants prioritize measures for implementation.

Our goal is to help increase capacity, make the user and work experiences easier by eliminating duplicate work and allow users to capture data in the field once and have it flow through the process seamlessly. We aim to empower energy auditors and Cx providers to streamline and standardize processes, reduce duplicate work and collaborate effectively with stakeholders. If you’re interested in learning more, watch our recent webinar Managing Energy Audit and EBCx Projects for a deep dive into how Facility Grid helps manage these processes.

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