Insights from ASHRAE 2022: Beware of Upcoming Changes to Building Commissioning


By Alex Kozinets, Chief Product Officer at Facility Grid

In late January I attended the 2022 ASHRAE Winter Conference in Las Vegas. This was ASHRAE’s first-ever hybrid conference, and more than 2,800 industry professionals joined either in person at Caesars Palace or virtually from January 29th through February 2nd. As a leading provider of building commissioning software, Facility Grid has a long-standing membership with ASHRAE, which is the preeminent global technical resource in the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigerating (HVAC&R) industry committed to developing standards and guidelines for buildings. ASHRAE guidelines are considered the gold standard for the United States and most of the world. 

Regularly attending these meetings helps us to stay abreast of current industry trends and ASHRAE standards, and gather the latest resources and solutions necessary to navigate the ever-changing building commissioning landscape, so that we can learn from it and share it with our customers and you, our readers. 

This year, a lot of the discussions at the conference were about ASHRAE’s ongoing changes to “Guideline 1.2 for Existing Building Commissioning for HVAC systems” as well as “Guideline 1.1 for New Building Commissioning for HVAC systems.” The committee plans to continue converting the Appendixes of these guidelines into Annexes so they can be immediately referenced by every standard. This is helpful as it will allow users to log into ASHRAE’s website and download the Annex free of charge instead of having to purchase the Appendix documents as they had previously. 

In addition, ASHRAE is working on a new standard – “Guideline 1.7P for Ongoing Commissioning Process for Buildings, Systems and Assemblies.” This new document will be a go-to resource for commissioning providers and other professionals to maintain and improve the facility operations performance achieved by previous commissioning and continue to meet the current facility requirements. 

As you know, ASHRAE guidelines are never static, rather they are constantly evolving in response to advancements in technology and an ever-changing industry. At Facility Grid, we consider it our job to remain in lock-step with these updates so you can do your job without the constant burden and distraction of tracking changing commissioning requirements. 

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