What is Operational Readiness


Operational readiness software, such as that developed by Facility Grid, helps building owners, commissioning providers and general contractors deliver operationally ready buildings by promoting the following activities:

  1. Establish a single version of reality on the operational readiness of the project that can be viewed, discussed, updated, and acted upon by building owners, commissioning providers and contractors.
  2. Clearly identify outstanding activities and deficiencies that need to be addressed before Day One and beyond.
  3. Track the progress of the training of O&M personnel for smooth transition of the building’s ownership.
  4. Streamline the Digital Turnover process to enable sustainable operation of the building throughout its lifecycle.

Operational Readiness software ensures a seamless transition from construction project to building operations.

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What is Operational Readiness

Operational Readiness is the process by which operationally ready buildings are prepared.

Operational Readiness is driven by local regulations, building guidelines, and the environmental goals that require buildings to utilize features for energy efficiency and resiliency. And as construction schedules become more compressed, building owners, commissioning providers and general contractors must focus more on the operational readiness process to ensure that building projects are completed on time, on budget, and are operationally ready on Day One. Focusing on operational readiness saves building owners money and protects the bottom line.

Benefits for Building Owners

O&M staff are trained on operating and maintaining equipment and systems (the building’s assets).

Benefits to Commissioning Providers

Ensure buildings are designed, built and ready to operate per OPR.

General Contractors

  • Identify, schedule, coordinate and track Cx activities.
  • Acknowledge and manage outstanding activities and deficiencies.
  • Reduce post-occupancy callbacks.
  • Build relationships for repeat business.

What are Operationally Ready Buildings

An operationally ready building is a building where 

  1. The building’s systems are certified ready for operation, the people are properly trained, and the building information is organized for easy reference.
  2. The building is ready for transition of ownership.
  3. The building is ready for a seamless Day One of operation and sustainable operation throughout its lifecycle.

Operationally ready buildings meet the following criteria:

  • Equipment and systems have been commissioned to confirm their ability to perform the functions for which they were designed.
  • SOPs, EOPs, MOPs and safety programs have been established and verified.
  • Outstanding issues and testing activities have been identified for post-occupancy monitoring, completion and close out.
  • Q&M Personnel have been sufficiently trained to know not just why equipment is there and what it does, but also how to operate complex building systems.
  • Building operation and maintenance procedures have been documented.
  • Asset data has been connected and verified for integrated digital handover.