Re-visiting the BCxA’s Annual Conference: It’s all about the future


The Annual BCxA conference never disappoints, and it’s always great to see colleagues and friends in person. While there were a wide variety of discussion topics—integration, energy efficiency, carbon reduction—the overarching theme was looking forward. Everyone was talking about how to improve and get better moving forward and the role of technology in helping advance not only commissioning (Cx) but construction overall. 

In our presentation, Joe Pascal and I focused on the movement toward “connected construction.”  With the volume of software applications used on construction projects growing exponentially, it’s becoming increasingly important to not only think about how to leverage technology to advance the industry but also how to ensure a seamless exchange of accurate information. Otherwise, teams will be re-creating many of the same problems they have today of duplicate data entry, emailing important information around, inaccurate status, inefficient use of resources, etc.

Cx software is increasingly the common thread throughout the construction process helping the entire team track, verify and manage building systems and equipment throughout the project’s lifecycle. And, integrating Cx software with other essential construction software can help standardize processes, streamline workflows, and improve productivity. 

This topic seemed to resonate well with the audience, with many sharing with us their own experiences and challenges leveraging and integrating technology into their processes. A common theme was the importance of ensuring that knowledge is being gained through this process and that data isn’t just being collected with no purpose. It’s important as companies integrate technology into their processes that consideration is given to the data collected and shared and how it will advance the project. 

We are looking forward to continuing the discussions that started at BCxA last week. In our recent Best Practices in Cx Technology series, we covered many topics including integration. If you missed it, please check out our culminating webinar, Survival of the Fittest: Best Practices.

Next week we are heading to the BCxA’s NCBFO in Ottawa, Canada organized by the Eastern Canada Chapter. Stop by and chat with us if you’re there.