Building Owners

Ready to Operate Day One and Beyond

Get the right information at the right time to make decisions.

Know What’s Done and What’s Not Done

The building owner needs to know what has been done at any given point during the project and at turnover. It is even more critical to know what’s not done. This information is essential for effective decision-making and could be the difference between an on-time completion and an over-budget, delayed delivery.


only 31% of construction projects finished within 10% of their original budgets.


only 25% of construction projects came within 10% of their original deadlines


Have Confidence in Your Plan

Whether it’s a commercial building, hospital, school or data center, building owners and administrators are facing increasingly costly regulations, demands for greater sustainability, health and safety as well as improved energy efficiency. In this environment, sound planning and oversight are critical for ensuring the operational readiness of facilities, people, and information on day one and beyond.

Facility Grid Can Help

Facility Grid provides the information building owners need to keep projects and teams on track.

Get up-to-date insights

Quickly see the status of building assets, Cx processes, and QC activities against the project schedule to assess readiness for turnover.

Single source of truth

Use one platform for building asset information to assess readiness, confirm project completion, and monitor ongoing programs, e.g., EBCx, energy audits, and annual inspections.

Accelerate turnover

Streamline the close-out process and turnover of essential data and information, including exporting data to relevant systems and access to an interactive facility guide.

Support ongoing operations

Export data to Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for ongoing operations and maintenance as well as Day Two testing support.

Confirm Operations & Maintenance (O&M) personnel are ready

Track training and know that O&M personnel are prepared for ongoing operations and understand how equipment should work and what to do when it doesn’t work properly.

Integrated with leading construction software, Facility Grid keeps you connected

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Track, verify, and manage building assets throughout the construction lifecycle