Facility Grid for Building Owners:
Know your building is operationally ready Day One

Whether it’s a commercial building, hospital, school or data center, building owners and administrators are facing increasingly costly regulations, demands for greater sustainability, health and safety as well as improved energy efficiency. In this environment, sound planning and oversight are critical for ensuring operational readiness of facilities, people, and information on day one and beyond.


Beyond Cx to
Operational Readiness

At Facility Grid, we work with many of the world’s leading commissioning providers, construction companies and building owners. Beyond Cx, we understand delivering operationally ready buildings means ensuring not only that the proper oversight and testing is done, but also that O&M personnel are trained, documentation is gathered and reviewed, and there is a plan for addressing any outstanding activities and issues.

Our Operational Readiness software gives all the key stakeholders (Building owners, Contractors, Cx Providers, Cx Program Managers) the information needed to stay aligned throughout the build and Cx processes. Building owners can quickly and easily see the status of the Cx and QC activities against project schedule, potential areas of risk and opportunities to get back on track.

Sufficient O&M
Personnel Training

O&M personnel need to understand how to effectively operate every piece of equipment and system in a building. To this end, it is important to alert them to all training opportunities, such as equipment start up, controls integration reviews, functional tests, etc. This will prepare them for ongoing operations and provide an understanding how equipment should work and what to do when it doesn’t work properly.

Integrated Digital Turnover

We accumulate asset data in COBie format allowing users to augment BIM data with verified information at the project turnover. Additionally, all Cx record documentation is referenced to the specific systems and activities enabling building owner personnel easily find the information they are looking for or use it for populating Digital Twins.

We can also export all relevant Cx data in a format enabling population of the owner’s Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) to manage building operations ongoing.

Knowing What’s
Not Done

It is very important for the building owner to know what has been done at any given point during the project and at turnover. It is even more critical to know what’s not done. Facility Grid’s Operational Readiness software clearly identifies and propagates information related to any outstanding activities and issues enabling building owners to make informed decisions on building readiness for turnover.

Integration with
Procore and other software

Facility Grid’s Operational Readiness software is seamlessly integrated with Procore, a leading construction management software, giving its users instant access to the current status of commissioning activities, including issue documentation and tracking, within the Procore interface. Two-way, real-time synchronization of Facility Grid’s Cx Issues Log with Observations in Procore helps engage the entire project team. The integration captures all Cx deficiencies in one place making them easier to document, track and address.

Additionally, our API allows integration with other third-party software including AFDD, Automated Cx, and others as needed.