Facility Grid for Commissioning
Program/Project Managers (CxPM):
Efficiently manage Cx of complex building projects with Facility Grid

With a critical role in the construction process, CxPMs carry tremendous responsibility for the successful commissioning and operational readiness of complex buildings on time.
Responsible for managing all aspects of the commissioning process, including scheduling of Cx activities, CxPMs need transparency and up-to-date insights into the state of Cx process at all times.


Transparency and
360° visibility

With instant access to the update-to-date status of commissioned assets and associated activities against the project schedule, Cx Program Managers can work collaboratively with every project stakeholder including building owners and operators, general contractors and their Subs to make informed decisions, mitigate risks and keep the project on track and on budget.

Faster closeout

Proactive tracking of the status of records of Cx activities encourages their gathering and review throughout the course of the project rather than collected in email exchanges at the end. By tagging them to associated assets, Program Managers make them easy to find and accessible by all key stakeholders, accelerating the closeout and handover processes.

Improved Oversight
and Greater Efficiency

Eliminating the manual processes associated with Cx enables Program Managers to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and focus on delivering value to the client, while overseeing all Cx work.