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Know Your Building is Ready to Operate

Making the Commissioning (Cx) process more transparent, effective, and efficient.

The Expansion of Cx

Construction Cx has been steadily expanding in scope and complexity, as new standards, regulations, and technologies are introduced to buildings. Mounting sustainability concerns lead to new, more rigorous energy efficiency standards, while technological innovations lead to new, more sophisticated building systems. With each of these developments, the overall role and significance of construction Cx continues to grow.


Global Building Optimization and Cx Services Market by 2029

3% – 16%

energy savings from Cx projects

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The Right Tool for the Job

In this increasingly complex environment, spreadsheets, emails, and meetings are inadequate to meet owner expectations. Commissioning Program Managers (CxPM) and Commissioning Agents (CxA) need a comprehensive platform that automates and streamlines workflows and provides a central repository for all project information easily accessible by team members.

Facility Grid Can Help

Facility Grid increases the productivity of CxPMs and CxAs, streamlines processes and record keeping, and provides owners with a database of building information for continuous compliance, maintenance, and re-commissioning.

Standardize processes, improve quality & consistency

Reduce administrative tasks by >25% by eliminating manual processes and version control problems. Integrate with CMMS and other systems seamlessly.

Establish a single source of truth

Instantly access and share real-time data, analytics, and forecasts using an accurate, single version of reality across project teams.

Accelerate and streamline the turnover process

Create a shared repository for all documents and images as well as issue resolution, tests, and test results to facilitate the transfer of this information to the building owner and the automated creation of systems manuals.

Customize software to meet specific project needs

Leverage the task-based process to tailor Facility Grid to a particular project type, workflow, and scope, making it easier for teams to follow and understand.

Enhance document management

Maintain versioning records, track the status of documents for turnover, and integrate PDF markups into Issues Log and Site Observation Reports with ease.

Work anywhere, anytime—online or offline

Complete checklists and tests, document issues and observations, generate reports, and catalog equipment and systems from the job site with the mobile application.

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