Facility Grid for Commissioning Providers (CxP):
Save time, increase efficiency by managing all Cx and QC activities with Facility Grid

Building designs are rapidly evolving incorporating increased requirements for sustainability and energy efficiency and the associated technologies. CxPs, already engaged in complex and time-consuming processes, need to keep pace with this evolution.


Whether it’s making sure that equipment and systems are designed, installed, and operate to meet the owner project requirements or that the O&M personnel is sufficiently trained and has all required documentation to operate the facilities, CxPs play a critical role in ensuring delivery of operationally ready buildings.

Streamlining and
accelerating Cx and
QC processes

Facility Grid empowers Cx providers with the best tools to document, execute, manage, and deliver their Cx projects to the building owner. We achieve this through a task-based approach that enables users to perform and track all Cx activities, document issues and observations, store project documents, generate reports, catalog equipment and systems, and provide transparency into a Cx project’s status – all from within the Facility Grid interface. We continuously innovate, adding new features and functionality regularly to meet user needs.

Additionally, Facility Grid can import spreadsheets with asset data, checklists, and functional testing forms to allow for consistency and efficiency, and leveraging existing work where appropriate. We understand that most of Cx activities often take place on site and we offer a native mobile app for iOs, Android and Windows that enables users to be fully productive both on- and offsite.