Bringing transparency and efficiency to the commissioning
and QC processes.

Make your job easier and Commissioning processes more effective and efficient with Facility Grid’s cloud based Commissioning software.

Spend your time in the field verifying the operation of commissioned systems and zip through compiling project deliverables. Complete checklists and tests, document issues and observations, generate reports, catalog equipment and systems from the job site with Facility Grid’s convenient mobile app.

Why Facility Grid Commissioning?

Used by some of the world’s largest commissioning providers, Facility Grid streamlines and centralizes the commissioning process giving all stakeholders visibility and insight – where and when they need it.

Purpose-built solution

Intentionally designed from the ground up for commissioning.

Tailor the software to your process

Customize Facility Grid to your commissioning and QC activities and workflows for any type of New Construction and Existing Building commissioning projects across various industries.

Save time & improve accuracy

Eliminate manual processes and automatically track status updates, import checklist templates to leverage existing work.

Better project management

With less manual data entry work, commissioning providers can dedicate more time to ensuring proper operation of building systems and delivering greater value to the client.

Anywhere access

Available on all major mobile operating systems, including Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android, with full offline capabilities, users can work on- or offsite with equal productivity.

Enhanced document management

Maintain versioning records, track status of documents for closeout, integrate PDF markups into Issues Log and Site Observation Reports with ease.

Feature Highlights

Tailor Facility Grid to meet your needs and know that, while every job might not require every feature, when you need something it’s there.

  • Native mobile application (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Task-based management system tailored to project
    type, scope, and requirements
  • Visible audit trail
  • Multi-industry use
  • Document management
  • Customizable environment, workflows, and reporting
  • 360⁰ visibility into the state of the commissioning process for all stakeholders
  • API for 3rd party integration
  • 3rd party two-way integration with construction project
    management platform Procore
  • 3rd party integration with PDF markup tools such as Bluebeam,
    Adobe, iAnotate and others

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