Facility Grid for CxP

Facilities commissioning is a complex and time-consuming process with
room for improvements in efficiency, accuracy and utilization.



Rather than carrying around a note pad, writing down data, transferring it to a template at a later time, then reporting it, commissioning providers with Facility Grid commissioning software can now work like this:

1. Carry a phone or tablet.
2. Enter data right into the appropriate template
3. Compare with past data
4. Flag issues to initiate projects
5. Record observations
6. Generate emails and notifications
7. Click to upload to the cloud.
8. Move on…
9. Easily generate Cx Reports


With data entered directly into the system on location, and a standardized library of templates and project data readily available, Facility Grid makes it easier for Commissioning Providers to get all the right information to the right place.


Minimizing CxP paperwork effort and maximizing time in the field, the information is quickly uploaded and available to all who need it.  There’s no need to chase project participants around for answers or updates.

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