Connected Construction

A Critical Part of Modern Construction

Facility Grid has focused on the connected construction environment, building solutions that seamlessly integrate with other industry applications and systems. From simple data exports to embedded applications and full integrations, we offer a range of options for connecting your environment.

Featured Integration


Facility Grid seamlessly integrates with Procore to provide one place to see all information related to the status of a building’s systems and equipment. Give all stakeholders 360-degree visibility into the project’s readiness empowering users with real-time tracking of commissioning (Cx), quality assurance (QA), and quality control (QC) activities, milestones, and their impact on the project schedule—all from within Procore.

Integration Opportunities

We invite you to explore the integration options across the most common industry applications.


Easily transfer data at the end of the project to support ongoing maintenance. Generate spreadsheets and exportable files for importing into any CMMS System, including IBM Maximo.


Certified COBie-compliant application that can integrate with any BIM solution, including Autodesk Revit.

Digital Twins

Facility Grid can provide “as built” equipment and system information to augment the digital representation of a building/facility.

PDF Markup

Allows users to automatically create issues in Facility Grid from PDF markups.


Extract data through the Facility Grid API and import it into analytical tools such as PowerBl.

Construction Management

Synchronize issues and observations related to Cx and Quality activities. Integrate Facility Grid’s project status and health dashboards into Construction Management software applications.

Project Scheduling

Augment Cx and Quality activities in Facility Grid with the data extracted (exported) from the project scheduling software applications. Update scheduling applications with real-time field progress.

Productivity Tools

Use Excel templates to upload various data including Schedule, Assets, Locations, Issues, Checklists, and Fucntional Test scripts.

Track, verify, and manage building assets throughout the construction lifecycle


Information security and protecting your data are of paramount importance. This is why we incorporated single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA) and SOC-2 Compliance into our software.

Single Sign On

Helps improve enterprise security and achieve regulatory compliance. Simplify user maintenance with unified access management.

SOC-2 Compliance

Demonstrates our commitment to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. Assures clients that implemented strong internal controls and safeguards to protect their data and ensure operational excellence.

Multi-factor Authentication

Provides enhanced security by reducing the risk of unauthorized access.