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Committed to Customer Success

Since our founding, Facility Grid has placed the utmost importance on customer success. Built from our own experience in the industry and in partnership with our customers, Facility Grid is designed to support teams throughout the construction lifecycle, providing the functionality needed to reduce risk and improve project outcomes.

Impact Story

Large telecommunications company is achieving its sustainability goals using Facility Grid

A large Telecomm provider needed to improve energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint to meet regulations from multiple municipal organizations. With offices throughout the United States and numerous energy auditor teams involved, the provider struggled to standardize their processes, enable efficient collaboration, and maintain consistency across its energy audit projects.

Using Facility Grid’s Sustainability Management solution, the Telecomm provider was able to standardize their processes, including project workflow and asset data collection, and provide transparency for all key constituents through a real-time dashboard. The process also included the tracking of findings and measures, establishing baselines, and capturing signoffs for follow-up all in one place. Teams have reduced the time required to collect and document data, communicate findings and measures easily, and create on-demand progress reports. The initiative rolled out in one major metropolitan area and is now being expanded to others.

Domain Expertise

A leadership team with real-world experience

Our leadership team brings deep experience both in industry and in their respective disciplines, which they incorporate into all we do for our customers.

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Making Connections

Listening, collaborating and working together

At Facility Grid, we believe good ideas come from listening, collaborating, and learning. At tradeshows, on client sites, in the office, and on the road, we aim to engage and understand the challenges faced in today’s construction environment so we can work to solve them. So, if you see us, talk to us; we’re listening. Invite us to your office, construction site or event; we’ll be there.

Impact Story

Large construction company enhances QC and Cx for major automotive manufacturing plant project

A prominent construction company based in the United States faced the challenge of effectively tracking, verifying, and reporting on the status and progress of the quality control (QC) and commissioning (Cx) processes for building systems and equipment throughout the entire project lifecycle—from delivery to turnover. It became evident that their existing homegrown system was inadequate for their needs, prompting them to seek a more comprehensive and efficient solution. A crucial aspect of their process involved multiple milestones to ensure equipment readiness, and it was essential to track each of these milestones and communicate the information to the building owner and project stakeholders. The company turned to Facility Grid to address its requirements.

By leveraging Facility Grid’s Operational Readiness solution, the construction team gained the ability to track systems and equipment at both micro and macro levels. This encompassed monitoring the progress of every QC and Cx activity. Implementing QR codes enabled field resources to quickly navigate to equipment screens on Facility Grid mobile application, access real-time equipment status updates, and make necessary updates on the go. With the mobile application offering online and offline capabilities, data only needed to be captured once, significantly improving efficiency. The platform facilitated the seamless sharing of information with relevant stakeholders. By consolidating their processes on Facility Grid, the team successfully streamlined and standardized their operations.