Facility Grid for General Contractors (GC):
Successful on-time delivery of operationally ready buildings in complex environments

With building designs and systems becoming increasingly complex, regulations expanding and owner expectations rising, GCs are challenged to deliver more. Success or failure will impact future business. Knowing building systems are ready to operate requires transparency, accountability and collaboration through the construction lifecycle.


GCs often find themselves managing the construction lifecycle of building equipment and systems within spreadsheets because current software solutions fail to support this process well and efficiently. Facility Grid can help.

Facility Grid solves the challenges related to tracking and verifying the operational readiness of building systems and equipment. The software provides unmatched transparency into the status of building systems and equipment each step of the way. Access to Facility Grid KPIs improves accountability, improves project results and profitability.

With Facility Grid issues are identified early and resolved early when resources are available. GCs are well aligned with the commissioning process to avoid surprises, and be confidently prepared for all functional testing activities, O&M training, and final sign-offs while reducing extra days on-site.

Building Systems Readiness: Accountability,
Transparency and

With Facility Grid, GCs have instant access to the precise status of building equipment and systems, issue assignments, completion confirmation, and testing verification to proactively identify potential schedule impacts. Checklist signoff and pretesting support results in full transparency of commissioning (Cx) standards and successful execution through final testing.

GCs and other project participants have a centralized view of key performance indicators as well as automatically updated, real-time detailed information about every piece of equipment and system. Collaboratively, all participants benefit:

  • Track and verify equipment status
  • Capture and managing issue to resolution
  • Confirm equipment readiness for successful test results
  • Issues identified early to keep the project on track
  • Records and audit trail to mitigate risk

Integration with

Facility Grid’s software is seamlessly integrated with Procore, a leading construction management software, giving users instant access to the current status of building systems and equipment as well as commissioning activities, including issue documentation and tracking, within the Procore interface through a myriad of easy to use and informative dashboards.  Two-way, real-time synchronization of Facility Grid’s Commissioning Issues Log with Observations in Procore helps engage the entire project team. Additionally, the integration captures all deficiencies in one place making them easier to document, track and address.

Additionally, the integration captures all Cx deficiencies in one place making them easier to document, track and address.