Facility Grid for General Contractors (GC):
Delivering an operationally ready building in a complex environment

With building designs becoming increasingly complex, regulations expanding and owner expectations rising, GCs have the challenging position of needing to deliver more, faster and better. And, success or failure often drives future business.


Whether it’s a commercial building, hospital, school or data center, GCs need to fully embrace the Cx process to guarantee its success. Moreover, being instantly aware of any potential issues or delays related to Cx activities is critical for ability to timely address them.

transparency and

With instant access to the update-to-date status of assets and Cx activities tracked against the project schedule, GCs can see what the Cx provider sees and can proactively identify potential schedule impacts. Collaboratively, GCs and Cx providers can work to mitigate risk, keep the project on track and the owner informed of the situation. Additionally, detailed information about every piece of equipment and system gives the contractor the ability to hold specific resources accountable for deliverables and schedule.

Integration with

Facility Grid’s Operational Readiness software is seamlessly integrated with Procore, a leading construction management software, giving its users instant access to the current status of commissioning activities, including issue documentation and tracking, within the Procore interface. Two-way, real-time synchronization of Facility Grid’s Cx Issues Log with Observations in Procore helps engage the entire project team.

Additionally, the integration captures all Cx deficiencies in one place making them easier to document, track and address.