To be “Your First Choice” in Cx Services, H2Engineering uses Facility Grid Commissioning Software


Founded in 1977, H2Engineering is a full-service design and commissioning company in Florida providing engineering services, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, telecommunications, security, fire protection, commissioning, and other testing services.

H2Engineering has worked successfully with owners, user groups, and award winning architects to provide consulting services on more than 2,500 projects, including a variety of K-12, higher education, corrections, judicial, public safety, utilities, and commercial buildings.. They have a passion for excellence, and with a mission to be “Your First Choice”, they focus on developing strong relationships with their clients, delivering quality services, and exceeding their clients’ expectations.

The Problem

H2Engineering was spending too much time on the mundane clerical tasks of Cx, such as checklists and issues, and were not able to get real status updates from the field. They would get boxes and boxes of paperwork from the field, which had to be reviewed, and provided that the documentation was actually completed, scanned and filed before any information could be delivered to the project stakeholders.

Having worked in software development in a prior career, Scott Drury, head of H2E’s commissioning department, developed a web-based Cx issue tracking system in his spare time. This homebrew solution was in place at H2Engineering for several years while the Cx software market matured around it. Eventually the work to develop and maintain the in-house system was not in their best interests when packaged solutions became available. Drury and the H2E team set to work finding the commissioning software platform that would help them continue to provide first choice commissioning services while increasing their productivity and efficiency.

The Solution

Some solutions were unnecessarily expensive, and others did not fit H2E’s existing business processes. A chance meeting at a CxEnergy conference introduced H2Engineering to Eric Forman and Michael Kozinets at Facility Grid. They demonstrated the software and Drury asked a lot of questions, both as a commissioning provider and as a software developer. The design and scalability of the software won him over and H2Engineering proceeded to a pilot project with Facility Grid.

“The structure of the software and how it sets up projects is far in advance of the competition. Facility Grid is very conducive to H2Engineering’s commissioning process.”
– Scott Drury, Senior Associate, H2Engineering

With Facility Grid’s onboarding assistance, H2Engineering replicated many of their commissioning processes in Facility Grid’s cloud-based library and figured out some other new processes based on the structure of Facility Grid. Drury even worked with Facility Grid to add some features in Facility Grid and was amazed at how quickly Facility Grid was able to deliver. Now, each new project can be kicked off and worked on more efficiently with more consistent results.

The Results

With Facility Grid, H2E and their customers and partners have gained greater visibility into the current status of projects, and they have enabled their contractors to resolve issues faster with instant alerts and a mobile app. Project leads can easily see issues grouped by responsible party and know exactly what’s been done, what remains to be done, and who is responsible for getting it done.

Checklists for both Functional Performance Tests and Pre-Functional Tests are organized to make it easier for contractors to separate out items by unit types and instances, allowing them to fill in checklists as they go, and not wait for the last minute to sign off.

It’s easier than ever for H2Engineering to add issues, even while working on a test. Drury and his team can add issues without having to back out of the test or lose their place in the process. Facility Grid pulls the data right from the failed test to create the issue. Without it, commissioning providers would wait until they returned from the site, losing time, and delaying the reporting process, which can have a major effect on a project near completion.

“We use it live in all of our meetings. We go through status items in Facility Grid during monthly commissioning meetings, and that ensures that everybody is on the same page. Construction managers and building owners really like Facility Grid, because it enables them to always know the up-to-date status of their projects.”
– Scott Drury, Senior Associate, H2Engineering

Facility Grid runs on their tablets and if desired, users can easily export Facility Grid data as a PDF files for sharing with other parties who do not yet use the software.

Internet access can be unreliable or completely absent at job sites, but Facility Grid’s offline mode allows engineers to enter issues and update checklists on site, with the data automatically synchronized to the cloud when the device reconnects to the internet.


H2Engineering’s mission is to be the first choice for their clients. With premier design and commissioning services and a commitment to quality and customer service, they aim to be a partner not just a vendor. Entrusting their Cx process to Facility Grid software was a move that has paid off by helping them achieve this mission.

“Facility Grid is a product that makes the Cx process better, and that helps H2Engineering become and remain our customers’ first choice.”
– Scott Drury, Senior Associate, H2Engineering

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