Interface Engineering Builds Accountability, Access and Transparency with Facility Grid Commissioning Software

Interface Engineering

Interface Engineering is a progressive mechanical and electrical consultancy known for sensitive resource use, advanced building science tools, and commissioning services. Their philosophy is to serve clients through the entire design and construction process – delivering creative, engineering vision for each project, and to transform concepts into commissioned, high-performance buildings.

Problem: Efficiency and Transparency

Like many Cx firms, Interface Engineering is always looking for gains in efficiency: energy efficiency for their clients and process efficiency for their own business. They needed a better way to get information into contractors’ hands and to get information back to their team and clients, something faster and more accountable than a binder sent back and forth every couple of weeks. Without updated project information, engineers and Cx agents would sometimes spend hours traveling to a job site to find out that milestones and tests were not complete, and then having to reschedule the trip, costing them time and costing their clients money.

Their first attempt at automation was to use Microsoft Office templates for forms. This was helpful because most people have experience with Office, and because they could standardize forms and create PDFs to print. But mailing PDFs back and forth was only marginally more efficient than sending binders. The information was still always out of date.

Solution: Cx Software in the Cloud

Software designed for Cx was the clear answer, but many products were expensive, making it hard for Interface to justify the cost for their smaller projects. At the CxEnergy conference, the Interface team was introduced to Facility Grid, a cloud-based Cx software platform with robust issue management capabilities and simple per-project pricing.

After an online demo and a training session, Interface was ready to deploy Facility Grid on their first project. With cloud-based software, their building information data would always be up to date as contractors and engineers can enter tests and complete checklists from any computer, tablet or mobile device at any time, on-site or in the office. When Interface or their contractors had questions, the Facility Grid support team was very responsive.

Results: Accountability, Access & Efficiency

Interface Engineering has implemented Facility Grid on sixteen projects and their intent is to use Facility Grid on all of their new commissioning projects moving forward. This is a result of the valuable efficiency, access, and accountability Facility Grid provides to the commissioning team.

Interface Engineering’s Cx agents provide the architect, engineer, contractor, and clients – building owners and managers – access to Facility Grid to keep everyone in sync and updated. Constant updates to the building information database deliver an unprecedented degree of transparency to the whole team. This eliminates unpleasant surprises and enforces accountability all around. General contractors have also praised the use on their projects as it allows them to hold their contractors accountable and ensure that added costs or delays do not occur late in the project.

With Facility Grid’s template library and issue-based architecture, Interface Engineering is more efficient than ever before. Since Interface Engineering switched to using Facility Grid they have experienced a reduction in time spent on development of commissioning checklists and tests by 35 percent and time spent on issue management and coordination by 50 percent. Going paperless has also eliminated the use of paper and plastic binders, saving money and reducing impact on the environment.

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