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Track Building Assets & Systems In Real Time First Time Right

Management of Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) assets can make or break a construction project.

So, why then, do so many construction teams depend on spreadsheets to track the status of MEP assets’ construction activities and QA/QC documentation? Because construction software, like Procore, is not purpose-built to track building assets. Procore does not have an asset registry or any intuitive way to link activities, checklists, etc.. to a building asset. As a result, teams create spreadsheets, which can be imperfect, time consuming to maintain and hard to share.

Facility Grid is embedded into Procore and solves this problem by providing an efficient and effective way to document and track activities, issues, documents, checklists, inspections, tests and more for building assets—creating a complete record of the QA/QC and Cx activities for each asset.

“Facility Grid’s embedded app and integration provide our mutual customers with transparency and insight into all commissioning and quality control activities without having to leave Procore, ensuring projects are closed out in a timely manner with the highest attention to quality.”

Brian Smith, Principal Product Manager General Contractors

Know where you stand— see progress and completion of asset activities to schedule and milestones in real time.

Facility Grid provides the information building owners need to keep projects and teams on track.

Eliminate spreadsheets

Eliminate manual tracking of asset readiness and documentation in spreadsheets.

Improve communication

Monitor and address Quality and Commissioning (Cx) issues in a central location.

Mitigate risk

Project Executives monitor system and equipment status in Procore as the field provides real time updates from their mobile device. Confirm quality control documentation is complete and QC/Cx processes are progressing to plan.

Close the information gap

Procore users have a granular view of mission critical systems and status of prerequisites required to meet milestones. Monitor dashboard displaying %complete and %not complete to schedule.

Accelerate turnover

Streamline the close-out process and turnover of essential data and information, including exporting data to relevant systems and access to an interactive facility guide. Have an audit trail of activities, including signoffs.

Better Together: Facility Grid & Procore

See System & Equipment Status in Procore—Track building system and equipment testing, monitor the progress of personnel training and readiness as well as closeout deliverables, and identify outstanding activities and deficiencies that require immediate prioritization.

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