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Real-time Tracking and Verification of Building Systems and Equipment

Track the progress of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) building systems and equipment, monitor activity status to schedule, and capture asset documentation efficiently.

Everyone’s invested in MEP Success

With MEP accounting for 30% – 60% of a construction project, everyone is invested in its success. Don’t trust such a significant part of the project to spreadsheets or do-it-yourself (DIY) tracking solutions, which limit the capacity of valuable resources and exposes teams to potential surprises and delays. Trust Facility Grid.

Facility Grid helps provide accurate, synchronized data, eliminates redundancy, delivers real-time updates, and fosters collaboration across teams and stakeholders, ultimately reducing rework, increasing team capacity, and promoting informed decision-making. 


average percentage of project budget allocated to MEP


of construction projects experience delays, leading to an average cost escalation of 20.7%

In terms of value, Facility Grid enhances efficiency and early communication with general and trade contractors. Utilizing the Operational Readiness features, we align deliverables with expectations, provide timely updates on progress, and offer insights into potential impacts. This empowers project executives with key information to make critical decisions regarding project timelines, ensuring a smoother path to success.

David Powell
Associate Principal | ARUP

I’ve never been this happy with a software service before. Not only did it help us streamline the process, but it also delivered improvements in quality and consistency. Additionally, Facility Grid makes us more profitable as a business because we can take on more work with the same resources.

Daniel Nizolak
Commissioning Project Manager | Powercon Asssociates

Facility Grid allows us to know exactly where we are, make informed decisions and foresee problems. It provides the transparency we need to collaborate effectively with both the project teams and ownership to successfully meet delivery dates.

Craig Eadie
Managing Director | Straightline Consulting

Keep everyone aligned from design to turnover

Purpose-built to eliminate redundancy and administrative overhead as well as to help teams optimize and scale their processes, Facility Grid provides a single source of truth for project teams. Facility Grid streamlines communications and bolsters accountability, positioning teams to work collaboratively and successfully to deliver a building ready to operate. Contact us to learn more.