Trade Contractors

Deliver More, Without Sacrificing Quality

Capture and update the precise status of building equipment and systems to project milestones.

It’s All About Quality

Everyone on a construction team is being asked to deliver more without compromising on quality, especially trade partners who often provide pivotal highly specialized and services. Experts in the field, trade contractors are counted on to deliver work on time and with quality. Tracking the completion of quality control checks and inspections and easily sharing that information with the General Contractor (GC) is a critical part of the job.


of building project budgets are comprised of MEP installations


of building energy use is space heating, cooling, and ventilation


Move Beyond the Spreadsheet

Spreadsheets manually maintained and emailed to GCs and other trade partners often result in late or inaccurate information sharing. A new approach is needed to meet the expectations of today’s building owners and GCs. One that gives all stakeholders context and insight into progress, scheduling and handoff readiness, in real-time.

Facility Grid Can Help

Facility Grid provides the functionality trade partners need to capture and share essential equipment and system information.

Automate your process

Import spreadsheets with equipment and system data, checklists, and functional testing forms and automate your existing process.

Share data with stakeholders seamlessly

Capture and share the precise status of building equipment and systems based on real-time field progress.

Work anywhere, anytime

Complete checklists and tests, document issues and observations, generate reports, and catalog equipment and systems from the job site with the mobile app.

Create an audit trail

Maintain an audit trail of activities, including digital signoffs, as well as important documentation to provide to GC and owner, as needed.

Track, verify, and manage building assets throughout the construction lifecycle

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