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Maximizing Jobsite Time with Mobile Cx
Tuesday, February 19, 12:00 – 12:30 ET
Picture yourself at a busy jobsite with no access to cellular service or WiFi. You are a CxA walking the site documenting your observations. Or maybe you are a contractor updating the statuses of issues and completing pre-functional checklists. In this webinar, we will review how the Facility Grid mobile app can help you perform these tasks. Register Now

How to Encourage Pre-Verification Testing
30 minutes
Pre-Verification Testing (PVT) helps contractors get ready for Functional Performance Testing, gauges their level of readiness, and addresses potential issues that may arise during FPT. In this webinar, we will review the benefits of PVT and how to encourage and mandate conducting it. Coming Soon

From OPR Review to Lessons Learned Meeting:
Manage it all in Facility Grid

45 minutes
Learn to use Facility Grid to support the entire commissioning project lifecycle. Coming Soon

Zip Through Repetitive Tests with Multi-Complete and Multi-Edit Functions
20 minutes
Learn how to increase CxA efficiency by simultaneously completing multiple tests and editing multiple issues. Coming Soon

Setting up Cx Tasks to Line Up With Your Proposal
30 minutes
Learn how to save time by setting up your Cx tasks in Facility Grid to line up with your proposal. Coming Soon

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