The Present and Future
of Commissioning Software


Facility Grid is a cloud-based commissioning software platform that maintains a portfolio of digitized information related to the equipment and systems throughout a facility and can be easily accessed any time from any location to address specific issues. The extent of use of Facility Grid can be tailored to your needs – from a modest cloud-based document management repository and issue tracker to a fully-fledged Dynamic COBie Based User Interface that integrates the Building Information Model (BIM) into the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) program to ensure effective management of individual facilities and campuses.

Perform all Cx tasks on any mobile device

The difference Facility Grid makes

With Facility Grid’s cloud-based commissioning platform, commissioning providers, building owners and project managers, architects and engineers, contractors, facility operators and maintenance personnel can actually see and operate in the same loop. This transparency opens the door to major short and long-term efficiencies throughout the facilities lifecycle management.

Real Time Collaboration

Through easily navigable cloud-based dashboards that are accessible via any mobile device or computer, everyone involved can see every project in real time. They can then quickly communicate and collaborate as individuals or groups to get things done.

Team Engagement

Facility Grid provides an accessible, intuitive and highly efficient software platform that’s capable of immediately engaging the right team member(s) for any flagged issue, getting projects handled with efficiency and accountability.

Information Sustainability

It’s hard enough for commissioning providers to gather and publish full, accurate and up-to-date information on facilities in real-time. What’s been even more difficult is keeping those years of important and detailed records safe and accessible. Once entered into Facility Grid, that data – whether entered today or 5 years ago – is always a few clicks away.

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